What good is a fire alarm if you can not hear or identify it? 
The DMS (Deaf Message Service) is a text relay service  
that INSTANTLY alerts the 10 million people in the UK  
who are deaf or hard of hearing. 
Also the perfect solution for informing, within seconds, fire safety advisors and fire marshalls, that an incident has taken place remotely, therefore enabling them to react instantly. 
DMS is without doubt the most cost effective solution available without compromising performance NO Licence fees  
or pagers required.  
As the major distributor of DMS we can provide many testimonial sites plus offer THE VERY best prices, 
in addition to our first class customer service. 
Amongst our many installed sites is Wembley Arena 
The Text Relay Service has a guaranteed service availability. 
DMS helps comply with the Equality Act 2010, which includes the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). 
The Act states that providers must undertake reasonable adjustments including:- 
"Provisions for deaf and hard of hearing people." 
To meet this legislation, the DMS system has been developed to send an emergency text alert to the users mobile phone once registered to that location. ie: Public access buildings, which include schools, colleges, universities, halls of residence, shopping centres, hotels, libaries, Museums, Sports & Leisure centres and the workplace. 
People have concerns that they could remain unaware of an emergency situation in a public place, as 1 in 6 are classified as deaf or hard of hearing and with currently over 76 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK, this is a lifeline to them. 
Text is a global success story, so its not surprising that this innovative application has been built on top of Text Relay Service Technology. 
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"Deaf people absolutely use mobile phones as a communication tool, probably even more so than other people"..."and I feel safe knowing that a DMS System will alert me to a fire alarm instantly" 
Sarah Lawrence,(Deaf since age 3) for nearly 10 years was the on-screen interpreter/signer 
for ITV Wales. 
"A straight forward efficient installation of a cost effective system by a company with a personal touch, which ensures we can support our students with hearing disabilities in an emergency." 
Brian Wade, HS Adviser,  
London College of Fashion. 
"The unit helps Vicarage Field Shopping Centre support our "Duty of Care" to the deaf & hard of hearing visitors and as the fire text message is activated within seconds of alarm activation this also strengthens our access & Emergency Policies.. as an added bonus the DMS controller also sends a message to our staff announcing that the fire alarm is sounding even when they are off the premises ....  
Andre Philipsen, Asst Centre Manager,Vicarage Field Shopping Centre. 
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